UA Genomic Sequencing and Simulation Lab, and Steele Childrens

This was one of the most a fascinating trips in recent history. Incredible technology and science is happening at the UA.

We started with an overview of who Steele Children’s is and what they do. Then a tour of the brand new, state of the art the Genome Sequencing Lab. It is one of the first of it’s kind in the country and will provide incredible research capabilities, but also rapid DNA testing for patients. Then we went to the new Simulation Lab in the Health Sciences Innovation Building where using incredible amounts of technology they are able to recreate all kinds of medical scenarios for students and providers to train on. From small hospital rooms with robotic patients, to large scale medical situations with many robotic and real patients. It is truly a unique and incredible tool. We finished with a tour of the new Courtyard Coit Museum, which is one of the world’s leading pharmacy collections.

Thank you Lori Stratton for setting this great tour up